On-the-fly 2D to 3D Video Conversion

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On-the-fly 2D to 3D Video Conversion

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I am interested in Virtual Reality and 3D video. I have been converting 2D video to 3D for sometime, using an offline process, for then viewing in 3D in my VR headset. This is a great way to watch all kinds of content more immersively.

A few weeks ago I had the idea that it would be nice to be able to browse through my video library, select a video and have it converted to 3D on-the-fly.

I had a look around at a few Digital Media Servers and discovered Universal Media Server. It proved to be an excellent fit for this task. I am a very experienced IT professional.

I have, in fact, already implemented this feature within a modded version of Universal Media Server. It works extremely well. It is fundamentally an enhancement to the Avisynth/FFMpeg transcoder.

I am writing to establish whether this is a feature that you would like to add to the main product. There is a growing community of VR users who would be very interested in this.

I plan to post in the VR communities about it, but I am not sure of the best way to take it forward. If it is not made part of the main product then I am not sure of the options. I have prepared a video demonstration of the feature in action, which I will share once I hear your thoughts.
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Re: On-the-fly 2D to 3D Video Conversion

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That sounds like an interesting feature.
I suggest you should go to GitHub to make any contributions, that is where the devs spend most of their time. All help is welcome.
Logs are important for us to help, Please follow This Link before asking for support. Just a forum cleaner, Will help if I can but no expert.
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