How to disable web interface

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Re: How to disable web interface

Post by WAusJackBauer »

Installed fresh install of version 13.7.0 today and went to disable the Web GUI on startup within the Web GUI and then click save. The saving settings message would just stay on screen and the settings wouldn't save. Restarted my computer and tried again but it didn't work.

Had to manually change it in config file.
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Re: How to disable web interface

Post by boss »

In the config file (UMS.conf), you would have the setting like this:

# Web gui on start
# ----------
# Whether a browser page will load on program startup
# Default: true
web_gui_on_start =false
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Re: How to disable web interface

Post by mik_s »

I just tried 13.7.0 and came across a problem where nothing would play, but saw in the logs it was trying to use a different transcoding engine.
I went to disable that option (Remux videos with tsMuxeR when possible instead of transcoding) but I got the constantly spinning saving logo too and nothing got saved.

I think a couple of things have broken in this version so I'll do a bit more testing later for anything else before I make an issue on Github.

Editing UMS.conf manually is the way round this for now, or use the old GUI if not running on a headless system.
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