Auto 2D to 3D using MPC instead of VLC

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Auto 2D to 3D using MPC instead of VLC

Post by Beeza »

Hi, I’ve been using this media server for it’s 2D to 3D conversion algorithm, but I’d like to use MPC-HC instead of VLC media player since it’s slightly higher quality with MADVR.

I’m able to access the files after making it a mapped drive, but once I try to select the 3D converted (Avisynth/FFMPEG) version of the movie, it seems I don’t have the proper Codec or something to actually open the file.

If there’s a way around this so I can use MPC-HC while using the 2D to 3D conversion algorithm, this media server would be perfect for what I’m attempting to do. Thanks!
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Re: Auto 2D to 3D using MPC instead of VLC

Post by mik_s »

I don't know anything about this. This feature was added by @vruser so he is the best to answer why VLC was used and if it can be done with MPC-HC too.

I don't know a good place to contact him as he has only been on the forum a few times and there is no contact info on his BLOG. Try sending a PM, or posting here might be the best place to get his attention.
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Re: Auto 2D to 3D using MPC instead of VLC

Post by vruser »

If it's a codec issue, try installing the "mega" K-Lite Codec pack rather than the standard one that I suggest in the guide:

That might well help.

MPC-HC does not seem to support DLNA so cannot be used directly with UMS. Although, there are some MPC-HC references. If it does support DLNA then it will need a custom renderer configuration file - similar to the one for VLC.
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