Website (UMS) needs a beginners guide!

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Website (UMS) needs a beginners guide!

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Can an admin write a beginners guide for rookies to let them setup and install Universal Media Server properly so they can use all plugins including Channels plugin and Jumpy and other live streaming plugins.

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Re: Website (UMS) needs a beginners guide!

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well the be on the GitHub wiki.

i have a link in my signature.
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Re: Website (UMS) needs a beginners guide!

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Learning how to use UMS for the first time can be very frustrating. I had a difficult time getting things working right initially. The documentation does not have a good tutorial for setting up the application for the first time under Windows 7 and newer. May I make the following suggestions as an outline of where to begin. Below is an outline of the minimum basic steps required to getting started.

1. When launching the application for the first time, the rendering device you are using should already be connected, and powered on.
2. Check your Network and Sharing center. You should make sure you can see your rendering device in the list of devices attached to the network. Make sure you are directly connected, and logged in to your rendering device. If not be sure to login to your device first. This way UMS can find it when it is launched.
3. When you run UMS for the first time, it will ask you what language you would like to use. Select a language to continue.
4. The application will than ask if you would like to use the UMS configuration wizard. Click on "Yes" to continue. Select the options you want and continue. Don't worry to much about the options as they can all be changed at anytime. If you can't find your renderer listed, use the default renderer. When in doubt use the defaults.
5. Once UMS is configured and running, any detected renders will be shown in the Status menu. The status should say connected in the lower left corner.
6. Double click on the icon that represents the renderer you wish to use. A control box should appear showing the basic settings of the renderer, along with a control menu for the renderer.
7. Select the folder icon in the lower right corner of the control menu. An open My Documents page appears. Select the folder that contains your shared multimedia files you wish to play, select a file to play, than click on open. The file will load. Click on the Play icon in the player section and you should hear/view the media playing over your external speakers, or monitor.

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